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from by Millimeter



no strength, no hope
every day spent like this
hating myself for the things I can’t control
or at least I tell myself I can’t

I should've ended it when I had the courage
I’m left wanting it to all end, but with no end in sight.
am I even as damaged as I think, or am I just pathetic
I can’t stop thinking of how I feel and why it scares me
words never hit so hard

I guess being honest with yourself 
makes you realise all the mistakes you've made 
and all the times you acted like it didn't hurt
all the times you smiled as your stomach sunk

I can’t even admit how I’m feeling
I don’t want to believe how much worse I've become

just smile you said
just focus on the good things
so I tried smiling when I felt like running
laughing when I felt like screaming
not looking to the floor, when i wanted to disappear
and not driving home looking at every tree like an exit

just let me slip,
I’m not worth saving.


from Regression, released April 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Millimeter Adelaide, Australia

Sad Dudes
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